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I always have a problem finding an image that represents bi-racial pride. There is no one iconic image that represents pride in this culture/subculture. Are we still a subculture then? We have no country as our ascendants come from various countries. The face of our culture is so varied, with many hues and origins. We don’t have an agenda other than recognition as a race, so would I call us an institution? Not really? It can be argued that we have a political gain in challenging the U.S. Census Bureau and winning the battle for “Black” and “White” only boxes to the option now to check “all that apply”. This is a political nightmare. Districts, funds and resources are allocated on race through the data collected by the U.S. Census bureau. With the racial lines becoming less distinct, what will this mean for the government in the decision-making process in the future?

This week we discussed John Fiske and his views on popular taste as it relates to art. I would like to use the lack of or the future representation of a logo for bi-racial pride for my example. Seeing as there is not one right now, I found a few that are circulating.


So vanilla.

So plain.

No umph.


I guess….

Fiske would want this graphic to be historically specific. So how would that apply here? Must we incorporate the history of miscegenation born from slavery in this country into somehow?


Fiske says to selectively pick out what you need and like, and I’m not impressed with any of these.

The above rainbow flag is already taken….

I remember seeing Black Pride patches on jeans and denim jackets in the Seventies and thinking “Yeah man!”….

with these bi-racial bland tees…….not so much.

The art has to be functional according to Fiske, so I think it safe to say that for today, right now, there is no brand, icon, image or logo which, to me, represents the bi-racial community.

Something to consider….